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Krzysztof Pomorski and Bożena Pomorska in China

Krzysztof Pomorski is currently at the Tsinghua University in Beijing, where together with prof. Bożena Nerlo-Pomorska gives lectures and classes with doctoral students, as well as participates in scientific symposia.

The stay in China began with the three-day IHIC-2018 conference at the University of Tsinghua, prof. Pomorski presented the latest works of Lublin nuclear theorists on the stability of the heaviest and super-heavy nuclei. The results of the research aroused great interest among nuclear physicists and astrophysicists, as a result of which both scientists received invitations to seminars to the Peking University, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Institute of Nuclear Energy, as well as to research centers in Japan.

Tsinghua University is the best-rated and largest university in China. The two Nobel Prize winners in the field of physics were graduated there. The university is located in the former imperial gardens. The campus is an almost separate 100,000 inhabitants city.

During the trip of Krzysztof Pomorski also has a seminar "On the theory of almost everything" at the University of Anyang, in the province of Henan, which is partner of wojewodztwo lubelskie.