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Next seminar

05.12.2023 Prof. dr hab. Krzysztof Pomorski (KFT, UMCS) Fission of Hot and Rotating Nuclei

Seminars this semester

  • 03.10.2023 Prof. Xin Guan (Liaoning Normal University, China) Pairing Interactions in Nuclei
  • 10.10.2023 Prof. dr hab. Tadeusz Domański (KFT, UMCS) Josephson junctions as a platform for topological superconductivity
  • 17.10.2023 Dr hab. Nicholas Sedlmayr, prof UMCS (KFT, UMCS) Non-Equilibrium Topological Matter
  • 24.10.2023 Dr Kamila Sieja (Université de Strasbourg) Benchmark of many-body approaches for magnetic dipole transition strength
  • 31.10.2023 Dr Błażej Kuźma (Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium) Numerical Simulations of Active Regions of Solar Atmosphere: Flaring Loops, Plasma Heating, and Neutrals Leakage into the Corona
  • 07.11.2023 Dr Shifana Koya (Academy of Athens & U. Ioannina, Greece) Assessment of the Near-Sun CME Magnetic Field from Magnetic-Helicity Conservation: 10 March 2022 CME Observed by Solar Orbiter
  • 14.11.2023 Prof. Andrei Solovjov (B. Verkin Institute for Low Temperature Physics and Engineering, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kharkiv) FeSe is a specific high-temperature superconductor; unusual properties and possibility of Dirac fermions existence
  • 21.11.2023 Prof. Andrzej Góźdź (KFT, UMCS) Projection evolution and quantum spacetime
  • 28.11.2023 Dr hab. Michał Warda, prof. UMCS (KFT, UMCS) Scission configuration of nuclei
  • 05.12.2023 Prof. dr hab. Krzysztof Pomorski (KFT, UMCS) Fission of Hot and Rotating Nuclei
  • 12.12.2023 Mgr Robert Niedziela (KFT, UMCS) T.B.A.
  • 09.01.2024 Mgr Mariia Pelekhata (KFT, UMCS) T.B.A.
  • 16.01.2024 Prof. dr hab. Szymon Pustelny (Jagiellonian University, Kraków) Experimental Search for Dark Matter
  • 23.01.2024 Dr Szczepan Głodzik (KFT, UMCS) T.B.A.