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Research topics

  • Solid-state physics
    • Transport of electrons through quantum dots
    • Correlated and disordered electron systems
    • Theories and models of superconductivity
    • Majorana quasiparticles
    • Topological states of matter
    • Optical properties of the low dimensional structures
  • Nuclear Physics
    • Nuclear fission and light particle emission
    • Nuclear collective excitations
    • Superheavy nuclei
    • Point symmetries in nuclei
    • K-isomers and nuclear shapes
    • The predictive power of nuclear theories
  • Physics of the Sun and the Solar System
    • Heating of the Sun's atmosphere
    • Origin of the solar wind
    • Space weather
  • Cosmology and gravitation theory
    • Perturbative black holes
    • The mathematical theory of black holes and black branes
    • Unification theories
    • Quantum field theory in a curved background
    • Quantum gravity
  • Mathematical Physics
    • Symmetries in physics
    • Algebraic methods in physics
    • Principles of quantum mechanics

Research grants

Previous grants

  • prof. dr hab. Krzysztof Pomorski
    Theoretical investigation of the low and middle energy nuclear fission
    2018/30/Q/ST2/00185, SHENG 1 NCN/NSFC (China) 2019-2023
  • prof. dr hab. Tadeusz Domański
    Majorana fermions in transport through correlated nanoscale systems
    2018/29/B/ST3/00937, OPUS 15 NCN 2019-2023
  • mgr Aksel Kobiałka
    Study of hybrid systems containing Majorana bound states
    2018/31/N/ST3/01746, PRELUDIUM NCN 2019-2022
  • mgr Dariusz Wójcik
    Realistic numerical simulations of two-fluid solar granulation in a partially-ionized plasma
    2017/27/N/ST9/01798, PRELUDIUM NCN 2018-2021
  • prof. dr hab. Krzysztof Murawski
    Numerical simulations of a partially-ionized, two-fluid solar atmosphere
    2017/25/B/ST9/00506, OPUS NCN 2018-2021
  • prof. dr hab. Tadeusz Domański
    States bound in superconductors and interconnects
    2017/27/B/ST3/01911, OPUS NCN 2018-2021
  • mgr Szczepan Głodzik
    Influence of magnetic admixtures on states connected in superconductors
    2017/27/N/ST3/01762, PRELUDIUM NCN 2018-2020
  • prof. dr hab. Jerzy Dudek
    New Approach to the Theoretical Determination of Stability of Exotic Nuclei with Estimates of Modelling Uncertainties
    2016/21/B/ST2/01227, OPUS NCN 2017-2020