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Michał Warda gave an invited lecture entitled "Continuity of the potential energy surface in fission" at an international conference in Spain. The speech was held as a part of the "Gogny Conference" - the fourth edition of the cyclical meeting of physicists involved in research on the structure of an atomic nucleus based on finite nuclear interactions. This year, scientists met in Granada.

The XX edition of the National Conference on Superconductivity was held in Lublin on May 22-26, 2022 and was organized by the researchers of the Department of Theoretical Physics of UMCS. This year's meeting focused mainly on the subject of "New phases, concepts and applications". The event was attended by specialists from research institutes from all over Poland. Speeches and discussions touched upon important problems of contemporary research on superconductivity:

  • high-temperature superconductors and other highly correlated systems,
  • synergy of magnetism with superconductivity in hybrid structures,
  • critical phenomena in superconductors and superconductors,
  • exotic quasiparticles of topological states of matter,
  • dynamic effects in superconducting structures,
  • applications of conventional and exotic superconductors …

The detailed conference program can be found at:

Anna Zdeb received a grant from National Science Centre in the program POLONEZ BIS. She will work on the project "Role of pairing correlations in spontaneous fission process of atomic nuclei". Congratulations!,36,sukces-dr-anny-zdeb-w-konkursie-polonez-bis-1,114006.chtm

The 20th National Conference on Superconductivity will take place in Lublin from 22nd - 26th May. We are planning on a fully in person event, according to all necessary sanitary conditions. Registration, and abstract submissions for contributed talks and posters, are both already open! There will also be the opportunity to publish presentations in conference proceedings - more details will follow.

On February 17, 2022, Amelia Kosior-Romanowska defended her Ph.D. thesis entitled ”Theoretical description of even-even superheavy nuclei using the Hartree-Fock-Bogoliubov method with the Skyrme energy density functional”. The dissertation has been prepared under the supervision of Andrzej Staszczak. The reviewers in the doctoral thesis were: Piotr Bednarczyk from IFJ PAN, Cracow, and Leszek Próchniak from Warsaw University.

Dr. A. Kosior-Romanowska's doctoral thesis is available for download at the UMCS Digital Library


Elections to the new authorities of the Section of Nuclear Physics of the Polish Physical Society took place from November 3 till November 10, 2021.

Two members of the Department of Theoretical Physics: Artur Dobrowolski and Michał Warda, were candidates. Both were elected, first to the Audit Committee and the second to the Board of the Section.

The election results are announced on the section's website: