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Program examples

The page consists some programs in Java, Fortran and Pascal.


Research projects deal with nuclear physics models and structure, superheavy elements and some computational techniques.


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Publications, research papers on nuclear physics, lectures on computing and computational physics ...

Kazimierz Dolny, Vistula River, 2015.
Jyväskylä, 2008.
Cherokee Mountains
Jakubowice Konińskie 2013
Etna 2015


It always does seem to me that I am doing more work than I should do. It is not that I object to the work, mind you; I like work: it fascinates me. I can sit and look at it for hours. I love to keep it by me: the idea of getting rid of it nearly breaks my heart.
You cannot give me too much work; to accumulate work has almost become a passion with me: my study is so full of it now, that there is hardly an inch of room for any more. I shall have to throw out a wing soon.
And I am careful of my work, too. Why, some of the work that I have by me now has been in my possession for years and years, and there isn’t a finger-mark on it. I take a great pride in my work; I take it down now and then and dust it. No man keeps his work in a better state of preservation than I do.
But, though I crave for work, I still like to be fair. I do not ask for more than my proper share.
But I get it without asking for it — at least, so it appears to me — and this worries me. (Three Men in a Boat, by Jerome K. Jerome (Ch. xv))


The work and lectures were done at the Chair of Theoretical Physics


Probability waves

Nie można wykluczyć, że atom składa się wyłącznie z promieniowania, które z niego wychodzi. Na nic zda sie twierdzenie, że promieniowanie może wychodzić z niczego. [...] Mówienie, że istnieje tam mała twarda bryłka, która jest elektronem czy protonem, to nieuprawnione przenoszenie na mikroświat zdroworozsądkowych pojęć wywiedzionych z dotyku.[...] "Materia" to wygodna formuła do opisywania tego, co dzieje się tam, gdzie jej nie ma. (Bertrand Russel: An outline of philosophy.)

Every phycicist thinks that he knows what a photon is... I spent my life to find out what a photon is and I still don't know it. (A. Einstein.)

... what is essential is invisible to the eye. (De Saint Exupery, Antoine: The Little Prince.)

We should expect an intention to reduce God to a system of differential equations... (Eddington, Sir Arthur Stanley: The Nature of the Physical World.)


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