Properties of SHE

Superheavy elements in framework of Skyrme(SkM*) HFB theory

SHE results


The results presented here were originally posted at "" and were obtained in cooperation with A. Staszczak (UMCS Lublin, PL) and W. Nazarewicz (ORNL Oak Ridge, USA).

There are shown ground state (GS) properties and the barrier heights (VA) for some superheavy nuclei in the region Z=108-126 and N=148-188.

We are using the Skyrme SkM* force and the following definition of the quadrupole moment: q20 = Σ< x2 + y2 - 2z2>.

[q20] = barn; [Energy] = MeV; [Mass parameter] = hbar/(MeV b2); [Moment of inertia] = hbar/MeV; [rms radii] = fm; [Half life] = year

Mass parameters were calculated either from cranking formulae in HFB basis (cp) or in canonical basis (cpc). The HFB energy (potential) was either corrected for zero point energy (zpe) or it was taken as is. Therefore, there are four possible combinations of final results: cp, cpc, cp-zpe and cpc-zpe. One can choose the proper model in 'The Model' option list.

By clearing the plot (click the Clear button) and clicking on the name of the serie in the LEGEND of the chart you can plot the single curve for a given isotopic chain Z. Pointing the data on a curve you can get the exact numbers for a given data point in Tooltip window.

Cicking on a label in the legend of the chart one can switch the series off or on. With a mouse pointer, the zooming is performed by dragging out a rectangle in the chart.