International workshop on:

Bound States in Superconductors and Interfaces
8-10 April 2019, Max Planck Institute in Dresden (Germany)

Recent tunneling studies for quantum impurities/dots coupled to superconducting bulk materials have revealed such phenomena as: (i) tunable quantum phase transition between the BCS-like and singly occupied states [responsible for the 0-pi transition in Josephson junctions], (ii) unusual relationship between the subgap Kondo effect and electron pairing, (iii) non-local processes due to the crossed Andreev reflections (or Cooper pair splitting), (iv) dynamical transitions driven by a.c. fields, quantum quench effects, and many other. Main purpose of this workshop is to bring together experts of the Andreev and/or Josephson spectroscopies to exchange information about the state-of-art techniques and reliable computational methods for analysis of the bound states in various heterostructures, which are important for fundamental science and future technological applications. The workshop will give an opportunity for younger scientists to become acquainted with fundamental properties of the bound states and their exotic mutations, e.g. in topological materials.