To get to Poland, we recommend taking a plane to the Warsaw „Frederyk Chopin Airport” which is connected with most of the big airports across Europe.

Alternatively, one may  take a flight to Lublin Airport, but there are only limited number of regular international  connections (Munich, Milano, London, Oslo, Stockholm, Kiev, Tel Awiw, Dublin, Liverpool, Eindhoven, and Sheffield). Lublin Airport is located  only 10 km east from Lublin and 60 km from Kazimierz Dolny. For details of travel to Kazimierz Dolny – please contact organizers.



Most of worldwide rental companies operate at Warsaw and Lublin airports. It is convenient to choose this option if your plane arrives late in the evening. Fares start from 100 PLN (~25 EUR) per day.


  • Minibuses to Kazimierz Dolny depart from the Warsaw Chopin Airport from bus stop “Terminal Autokarowy 01” (it is NOT a bus stop for long distance buses, it is bus stop for city buses). It is placed in front of Terminal Autokarowy (is located on the arrivals level, close to the exit from railway station, about 200 m to the right from the main entrance to the arrival hall). In front of Terminal Autokarowy one has to cross the street and the bus stop is on the right. The buses are not able to stay there more than 10 min. Departures: 6:50, 11:20, 13:20, 16:30. Price 50 PLN. Booking is REQUIRED: (English) and (Polish) +48 609 880 818.
  • Trans-Bus Express: 7.45 (except Sunday), 8.30, 10.30 (Friday to Sunday), 12.10, 14.15, 14.45 (only Friday), 15.30, 17.30, 19.05, 20.45 – bus stop „Dworzec Centralny 04” between Warszawa Centralna railway station and „Zlote tarasy” commercial center. Price is 30 PLN (~7,5 EUR)- see also
  • Halobus: 7.30 (Monday, Saturday, Sunday), 8.05, 9.30, 10.35, 12.25, 12.50, 14.20 15.35, 17.00, 17.50, 18.35, 19.50, 20.50 (Monday Friday, Saturday, Sunday) – bus stop at „Al. Jerozolimskie-Parking Universum”, it is placed at car park on the street Al. Jerozolimskie corner of Al. Jana Pawła II, west of Warszawa Centralna railway station. Price is 30 PLN (~7,5 EUR)- see also

From Warsaw (Okecie airport) to Warsaw main railway station (stations „Warszawa Centralna” or „Warszawa Srodmiescie”):

From Warsaw Chopin Airport to Warsaw main railway station (stations „Warszawa Centralna” or „Warszawa Srodmiescie”):

  • Train No. S2 (from station „Warszawa Lotnisko Chopina” to „Warszawa Śródmieście”), No. S3 (from station „Warszawa Lotnisko Chopina” to „Warszawa Centralna”), depart at underground station, about 100 m to the right from the main entrance to the arrival hall. If you get off at Warszawa Srodmiescie you need to walk to the railway station through underground passage (5 min). See also:
  • City bus No. 175, (from bus stop „Lotnisko Chopina Przyloty 02” to „Dworzec Centralny 01”) , bus stop: third lane in front of arrival hall, slightly on the right.
  • A taxi costs around 40 PLN (~10 EUR). Omit taxi drivers inviting to a taxi INSIDE arrivals hall! Take an official taxi IN FRONT OF arrivals hall (recommend taxi corporations: ELE Taxi, iTaxi, MPT Taxi, etc.)

Trip to Warszawa Centralna takes around 30 minuters depending on the chosen transport and traffic.

There is one ticket for bus and train: Single-Fare Transfer Ticket75 min („Bilet Jednorazowy Przesiadkowy 75 min”), cost4,40 PLN (~1 EUR). It can be bought usually at „kiosk” or ticket machines (way of payment is cash or payment card). This ticked should be validate in a bus/train and it entitles to an unlimited number of journeys for a period not exceeding 75 minutes from its validation.


Due to recostruction of railway this year all trains from Warsaw to Pulawy are cancelled.


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Kazimierz and the conference hotel

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Where is Kazimierz Dolny?
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Kazimierz Dolny and Puławy
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Kazimierz Dolny
and the conference hotel
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