Main developer: Darek Wójcik
Adviser: Kris Murawski

Most of numerical codes which are available today for solving fluid equations are dedicated to hydrodynamics (HD) and magnetohydrodynamics (MHD). We have been developing a code which solves either HD or MHD as well as extends these models onto two-fluid equations for protons+electrons and neutrals. As the latter are abundant in lower layers of the solar atmosphere, they have to be taken into account in realistic plasma models.

The JOANNA (JOint ANalytical and Numercial Approach) is a numerical code written in Fortran 90. The code is able to solve hydrodynamic (HD), magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) and Two-Fluid (Ions and Neutrals) equations. It was first created in February 2016, and the current version (v.2.8.0) has many features like: support of HDF5 (2D and 3D data) and VTK (1D data) files, uniform and stretched grid, ionization and recombination of plasma and many others.