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  1. Posdoctoral position in solid state theoretical physics
  2. PhD student scholarship in theoretical nuclear physics


One year post doctoral position in the Institute of Physics at the Marie Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin (Poland) [ with a possible extension for two-years ]

National Science Center project: Majorana fermionsin transport through correlated nanoscale systems

About the project :The research objective of this project are the Majorana quasiparticles and their interplay with the strongly correlated low-dimensional systems. In particular, there will analyzed transport via hybrid nanostructures composed of the single or multiple quantum dots coupled to topological superconductors, hosting the Majorana quasiparticles. The main aim is to develop theoretical understanding of unique signatures resulting from the Majorana quasiparticles and the strong electron correlations, showing up in experimentally observable transport properties. Specific research tasks cover:

  • investigation of transport properties of the correlated double quantum dots side-coupled to the Majorana wire,
  • determination of cross-correlations between the quantum dots transmitted
    via the topologically superconducting nanowire,
  • analysis of the interplay between the Majorana quasiparticles and correlations
    for the quantum dot in the Kondo regime,
  • investigation of the polarized quasiparticles in hybrid structures
    with the correlated quantum dots.

About the position : We are looking for candidates who will realize the indicated research goals, by implementing  computational methods to determine spectral and transport properties of the correlated quantum impurities.

Requirements from the candidates :

  • knowledge of the quantum and solid state physics,
  • numerical programming skills,
  • good experience in the many-body techniques.

Timeline : Position is available for the period of 1 year, starting from 1 February 2020 till 31 January 2021 with a possibility to extend it for 2 years (for sucessful candiate).

Remuneration :

The monthly salary is 10 000 PLN (equivalent of ~2 300 EUR) before taxing – effectivelly it would be about 1 400 EUR after subtracting all the taxes.

Applications :

  • should be e-mailed to prof. T. Domański till 13 Dec. 2019,
  • should contain professional CV, research interests, and list of publications,
  • beneficial would be recommendation letter by a renowned researcher.


Scholarships for PhD student in the theoretical nuclear physics

Job title: PhD student

Number of positions: 1 (one scholarships)

Unit name: Institute of Physics, Maria Curie-Skłodowska University

City: Lublin, Poland

Link to the website of the unit:


  • Master diploma (or equivalent) in physics or related area (diploma has to be obtained till 15 December 2019),
  • Basic knowledge of theoretical physics including nuclear physics,
  • Communicative knowledge of English.
  • Admission to Doctoral School of Quantitative and Natural Sciences at UMCS

Task description

The successful candidate will be working on the theoretical description of low energy nuclear fission. He/she will have to prepare the PhD thesis in the nuclear theory group in the Maria Curie Sklodowska University in Lublin. Specific scopes of the work may include carrying out multidimensional self-consistent Hartree-Fock-Bogolubov calculations for selected spontaneously fissioning isotopes. Evaluation of the fragment mass and kinetic energy yields within the time dependent collective model.

Type of the project

The project is realized in collaboration with the Tsinghua University in Beijing and the China Institute of Atomic Energy in Beijing in the frame of the Polish-Chinese program SHENG-1.

Group of Sciences: ST (Science and Technology

The deadline for the submission of the applications: 2019-12-06 23:59 CET

Form of sending of the offers: E-mail to:

Conditions of employment:

  • The Candidate has to undertake education on 1st January 2020 at the Doctoral School of Natural Sciences of the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin
  • Scholarship 3000 PLN / monthly (no tax) for 33 months
  • No tuition fees is foreseen

Additional information

The Candidate must apply to Doctoral School of Quantitative and Natural Sciences:,16856.htm

Required documents:

  • Copy of master diploma (if available, or information on current status of MSc thesis),
  • Scientific CV (including photo and list of publications)
  • Contact details
  • Please include in your application one page with the following phrase: "In accordance with Article 6(1)(a) of the General Data Protection Regulation of 27 April 2016 (Journal of Laws of the EU L 119/1 of 4 May 2016) I agree to the processing of personal data other than those indicated in Article 221 of the Labour Code (name(s) and surname; parents' names; date of birth; place of residence; address for correspondence; education; previous employment), included in my job offer for the purpose of current recruitment."

Candidate may attach the following documents:

  • Academic records transcript
  • Recommendation letter form a researcher
  • Confirmation of conference activities
  • Confirmation of taking part in research projects, academic trainings
  • Certificate of language skills
  • Published and/or accepted for publication scientific papers
  • Description of scientific interests
  • Any documents confirming his/her scientific, didactic or organizing activities

Selected candidates will be invited for an interview (personally or by an internet communicator, e.g. Skype or WeChat). The date of the interview will be communicated to the candidates individually.

For more information please visit:


or contact:     

Information on maintenance costs in Lublin (approx.):

  • Room in the student dormitory (monthly): 400-600 PLN
  • Lunch in cafeteria: 10-20 PLN
  • Monthly living costs: 1000 PLN


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